VW TDI Engine Cover Set

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Not all engine bays need to look the same.  That is why we have created a customizable engine cover badgeskin set for the MK7 TDI engine cover.
(Picture shown has red accents with gloss silver VW emblem, "TD" skins and the "I" in the oem tdi blue)

The set includes:
1. Left accent skin
2. Top accent skin
3. Right accent skin (oil cap)
Bottom accent skin
5. Bottom "button" skin
Center intake runner accent skins
TDI badgeskin
8. VW emblem badgeskin

*In the notes section at checkout stipulate your colour choices for each numbered item or contact us for more info in regards to colours.

ie.  here is a example of the one shown:

1. gloss black  2. gloss black  3. gloss black   4. gloss black    5. gloss black    6. silver    7. Silver TD oem blue "i"    8. silver