VW MK7 R BB Rear Diffuser Kit

Regular price $190.00

Shipped by Beri Backer, fulfilled by VWB.

Included in the kit:

1 X Diffuser Baseplate

4 X Fins

2 X Side Spats

Stainless Hardware

Fin Hex Key



Elegant yet aggressive design brings the look of your vehicle to a whole new level. We manufacture your kit from a special grade of High Density Polyethylene which is rock solid, durable, and easy to wash. Our diffuser kits are now equipped with interchangeable fin technology. Simply unbolt a fin from the baseplate and swap it out for a different style. Spare fins and fin packs are now available for purchase!


We manufacture our ground effects kits from a special grade of High-density polyethylene (HDPE). This material is lightweight and is extremely strong, scratch resistant, and easy to clean. This grade of HDPE is produced with a superior manufacturing process to ensure perfect consistency and flatness. It is environmentally stabilized, UV resistant, and water resistant making it capable of standing up to even the harshest conditions.