VW MK6 GLI Overlay Set (2015 +)

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This is the MK6 GLI Overlay Set (2015+) Badgeskin, a vinyl overlay kit that provides an easy way to customize the look of your vehicle's OEM badge. The badgeskin vinyl overlay comes in different colour options to bring a personal touch to your badge. Each Badgeskin is made with high-quality pre-cut vinyl and transfer paper to ensure easy installation. 

The GLI badgeskin vinyl overlay set includes both GLI badgeskin for the grille and trunk.

***important note***

There are two different sizes of the 2015+ GLI badges from VW:

1.  LARGE - The face of the lettering is aprox. 1" (25mm) tall

2. SMALL - The face of the lettering is aprox. 7/8" (22mm tall)

***Please measure both front and rear badges and leave a note at checkout indicating whether you have the LARGE or SMALL size badges. You could have both the same size or both different ***

  • 2015 - Normally the grille is the LARGE and the trunk is the SMALL
  • 2016 - Normally the grille and trunk are the LARGE
  • 2017 - So far seems like both are the SMALL