As you already know, there is huge delays on any package shipped. Everybody will make adjustments to offer better services in the future. At the moment, a lot of SME are victims of the carriers. Delays are longer, but we keep working hard to offer to best services possible to the customers. With that being said, I invite all the customers to read the policies because I won't be replying to all the e-mails concerning the orders. 


Due to ongoing impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic, we are experiencing staff shortages and significant delays in order processing times. We regret to inform you that there will be roughly 2 - 3 weeks waiting time before processing your order. We are currently unable to update you with accurate shipping estimates but will continue to update this page with the latest information regarding delays. 

At Badgeskins, the team is taking all the necessary steps in order to protect our customers and each other with modified practices and enforcing COVID-19 health regulations. 

We sincerely apologize for the longer wait and appreciate your patience and understanding.

Be well and stay safe,

The Badgeskins Team

Shipping prices :

Canada : 5$ USA : 8$ Worldwide : 12$

Contact : support@badgeskins.com

Instagram : @badgeskins

Contact them by e-mail for any inquiries about your order. 


For the splitters, it's different. Each order processed by Dutch Parts Co will have a UPS tracking number. After your order, you'll receive the tracking number by e-mail once the package was processed. 

Shipping prices :

Canada : 90$ USA : 50$ No worldwide shipping. 

Contact : dutchpartsco@gmail.com

Instagram : @dutchpartsco

All sales are final.


For the Novustech parts, extended fins and spacers, you'll aslo get a tracking number for your order. You'll receive a notification at the moment this number will be processed.

Shipping prices : 

Canada : 15$ USA : 20$ Worldwide : 25$

Contact : sales@novustech.com

Instagram : @novustech

Contact them by e-mail for any inquiries about your order.